You are visiting the Brazilian Business and Biodiversity Initiative webpage. Here you will have access to information about how the business sector in Brazil is addressing the Biodiversity issue and you will also have a chance to check case studies, methodologies and best practices.

The Initiative’s main objective is to provide an inclusive platform where information will be key to business sector engagement, opening a channel to different initiatives and organizations share the work they develop in which biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources have a strategic role.


The Convention on Biological Diversity has for some time been exploring ways to enhance private sector collaboration in the goals of the CBD. The 8th Conference of the Parties that took place in Curitiba in 2006, mentions for the first time in the decision the imminent need of private sector involvement with biodiversity conservation. This trend has been strengthened and culminated with COP 10’s decision in Nagoya. Among other elements the decision determines that SCBD should stimulate the establishment of national and regional business and biodiversity initiative by facilitating the dialogue among government, business and other stakeholders on a global level.

Thus, SCBD has compromised to stimulate the creation of business and biodiversity initiatives on a national level as well as provide mechanisms to facilitate the communication between the several initiatives on a global level. As part of these mechanisms, the SCBD contacted several focal points in different countries in order to promote national workshops on business and biodiversity in an attempt to evaluate the level of engagement of a number of stakeholders and their interest in creating a national initiative, as well as identify organizations in each country that could lead the work.

As part of the process, SCBD launched in December 2011 the Global Platform on Business and Biodiversity which will be instrumental in the dissemination of information among the numerous initiatives as well as facilitating the dialogue aiming to develop innovative mechanisms in the conservation field and research that can be used by the business sector.